Pareglio & Ayres are a small-smart antiques and interiors business which has found its specific niche in the market. The interiors side normally comes after the sale of an antique piece or after the experience of visiting our antiques and interiors shop which is closer to a “concept-shop” than to a regular “antique-shop”.

Since antiques, and their indisputable significance, are the source from which our passion, curiosity and creativity come and guide us in developing individual and substantial interiors, we can proudly say that we have notably contributed to the realization of interiors’ projects of outstanding quality and value for money.

Paola & Warren

We specialize in English and Italian antiques and decorative pieces which we personally select, buy and (for the Italian antiques) import directly from Italy where we also have a base and many contacts.

Our engagement in the pursuit of distinctive pieces from the past coexists with a genuine attentiveness to today’s style of living and of home furnishing. Thus we also seek out unique and well-made contemporary decorative objects and pieces of furniture, whether traditional or of modern design, to complement our collection of stock.

Above all, we are customer-focused and we work for the satisfaction of all our clients with the ambition of building a durable and trustworthy relationship.

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